Serious levity at the Supreme Court today

The most important student free-speech conflict to reach the Supreme Court since the height of the Vietnam War…

Yes, today is the day that nine Supreme Court Justices convene in the highest court in the most powerful country in the world and discuss…

Bong Hits 4 Jesus

Oh, I wish I could be there when Ken Starr, who has already altered the national status of blow-jobs, explains to the Supreme Court that “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” threatens the fabric of our nation and our educational system.
Of course, the reality is that this is a serious case. At its worst, the Supreme Court (no friend to any case involving even the hint of drugs) could rule that schools have broad authority to regulate student speech that is contrary to their educational message, even if they are not in school and the speech is not disruptive.
And there’s also a deep significance as to the philosophy of educating citizens. It concerns me that authoritarians are pushing to train young people that the proper order of things in a free democracy is submission to authority. Get used to peeing in a cup on demand. Get used to being controlled in what you think, what you say. That’s what the world is about.
For the most comprehensive look at the case, check out my resource guide:
If you’re in DC today, SSDP will be holding a rally at the Supreme Court .

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