Open Thread

“bullet” An outstanding guest post from Rev. Alan Bean of Tulia Friends of Justice at Grits for Breakfast: Talking Snitches in Atlanta. Grits also has a disturbing story about the procedural and scientific sloppiness in urine testing that ends up determining the fate of parolees.
“bullet” About that super-skunk marijuana that the British journalists are smoking that apparently is more than 100% THC and immediately causes drooling idiocy (which might explain their articles if it were true)… Transform covers it in How the Independent on Sunday got it horribly wrong on Cannabis, and Scott Morgan has The Truth About Marijuana Use in the UK and Philip Smith wonders if madness awaits him around the corner.
“bullet” The Sibel Edmonds story isn’t going away. A couple of years ago, I mentioned this connection between Turkish mafia, Dennis Hastert, drug smuggling, neocons, and the State Department. This story has significant potential implications on what we are doing in the drug war in Afghanistan. To get caught up, read What the heck is Sibel Edmonds’ Case about? And why should I care? over at Daily Kos.
“bullet” Radley has the scoop on the new fatally-flawed, but well-intentioned Georgia No-Knock Bill.

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