Granny’s Recipes

It’s Sunday morning. Take a moment to enjoy the delightful story of Granny Patricia Tabram…

There’s a heavenly kind of abundance about Patricia Tabram’s kitchen that should earn her a place in the Grandmothers’ Hall of Fame. Chocolate cakes and cooking oils jostle for position on several chaotic work surfaces.
Bacon ( smoked and unsmoked ), plum pudding, heaps of cream cheese ( for use in both cheesecake and omelettes ) and kilogram slabs of Dairy Milk are packed into an chock-full fridge.
And there, half obscured – though certainly not hidden – to the left of the cooker, between the sea salt and the Bisto, is the magic ingredient that has just sealed her reputation as one of the nation’s better-known pensioners.
The finely ground marijuana is kept in an old Bramwells pickle jar by the sink, and it looks almost interchangeable with the nearby jars of mixed herbs when Mrs Tabram reaches for it during a morning’s initiation in the art of cooking with cannabis.

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