Good little cannon fodder

See the obedient Hitlerjugend marching off to the drug war. It doesn’t matter if they know that D.A.R.E. has been proven to be, at best, ineffective. Nothing’s going to stop them from teaching the children that marijuana leads to coma and death.

[Thanks, Herb]

See also this idiocy, granted the status of “education.”
Update: I know that this kind of stuff can seem pretty depressing to readers here, but re-watch that video and realize that the TV station got it right. Not only did they mention the D.A.R.E. effectiveness controversy in the lead-in, they gave it significant detail in the piece, even going so far as to mention that D.A.R.E. might have the opposite effect.
This actually served to make D.A.R.E. lady and daddy drug war look a little… creepy, particularly when juxtaposed with the little marching soldiers footage.
There’s some parents out there who watched that news item and went… “Wait a second…”
And that’s good news.

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