Politico nails ONDCP’s Tom Riley

This is hilarious.
Ryan Grim writes another good, well-researched, well-sourced article at The Politico: Bush Wants Funding Jump for Anti-Drug Ads Rated as Useless.
Check out the editorial sidebar on the story at The Politico:

Ryan Grim, who wrote today’s story on the anti-drug campaign program of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), previously worked for the Marijuana Policy Project, which lobbies to legalize marijuana. Grim worked at the project from June 2004 until May 2005, a fact that has been on his official bio since he joined Politico.com.
Grim called the ONDCP for comment for his story early Wednesday. Instead of returning Grim’s call, Tom Riley, the agency’s spokesman, called The Politico’s senior publisher and editor, Martin Tolchin, to point out Grim’s previous work with the Marijuana Policy Project. He then threatened to complain to Washington Post media columnist Howard Kurtz about a conflict of interest.
The ONDCP did not return Grim’s call Wednesday.

Ouch. How’s that feel, Tom?
Tom Riley, who has a conflict of interest with the truth, complains about conflict of interest when the press reports the truth, because he doesn’t have any actual… facts. All in an attempt to silence the press, while protecting his propaganda.
And he gets called on it.
[Perhaps one more thing for the Domestic Policy Subcommittee to investigate?]

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