Felony Murder charges to be filed against Kathryn Johnston’s killers

According to WSBTV in Atlanta:

ATLANTA — Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard plans to ask a grand jury to consider murder charges against three Atlanta police officers.
The big news is not only the notice of the indictment itself, but also an FBI [official] indicated to Channel 2‰s Mark Winne that the action by the Fulton County D.A.‰s Office came without any notice to either the FBI or U.S. Attorney‰s Office. The official suggested the FBI investigation has not been completed and the FBI had not been notified of what he indicated was a unilateral action taken by the District Attorney.

I’m not sure what it means that the DA is acting separately from the federal investigation, but ultimately I would expect hope to see these officers tried for felony murder. If the apparent facts hold up and the officers lied to get a warrant, and then broke into Kathryn Johnston’s home based on that warrant and killed her in her home (regardless of her self-defense actions), then what other conclusion can you reach?

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