Open Thread

It’s a busy week for me, so I’m just going to send you to some other reading today. Here are a few highlights that I wanted to talk about and are definitely worth checking out:
“bullet” Drug Law Blog has the first part of its Top 10 Drug Law Stories of 2006 and I’m thrilled to have made number 10.
“bullet” Kevin Zeese channels Milt Friedman in The Futility Of Drug Prohibition
“bullet” Neal Peirce has another great OpEd — The other war we can’t win
“bullet” Brooke De Lench has an OpEd in a number of papers around the country: Let Them All Play about putting resources into sports activities for kids rather than drug testing.
“bullet” Nick Gillespie has a good piece on the “infantilization of adults” in The Race to Ban What’s Bad for Us
“bullet” For an interesting international politics take, check out Garry Leech in the Colombia Journal: How the EU and Canada could work for peace in Colombia (essentially by rejecting the U.S. drug war approach to foreign policy)
“bullet” Update: Almost forgot — Bill Piper does a really nice job with his OpEd Anti-drinking ads: Give it to ’em straight

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