Open Thread

“bullet” Nice feature about LEAP member Jerry Cameron, and a positive response to the legalization call, in Tonyaa Weathersbee piece in the Jacksonville Times Union: Decriminalizing Marijuana
“bullet” Washington Post Editorial: Commute This Sentence

A Clemency Case Not Even President Bush Can Ignore — or Can He?
THE SUPREME Court this week declined to review the case of Weldon Angelos, leaving in place his obscene sentence of 55 years in prison for small-time marijuana and gun charges. The high court’s move is no surprise; the justices have tended to uphold draconian sentences against constitutional challenge. But it confronts President Bush with a question he will have to address: Is there any sentence so unfair that he would exert himself to correct it?
So far, Mr. Bush hasn’t found one. […]

Update: Source corrected.

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