More problems for the U.S. drug war in Latin America

Senator son of slain Colombian cartel fighter proposes drug legalization

BOGOTA, Colombia: A Colombian senator and son of a presidential candidate assassinated by deceased drug kingpin Pablo Escobar has called for a congressional debate on the taboo subject of drug legalization.
“The current repressive approach against drug trafficking hasn’t worked despite the huge amounts of blood we Colombians have shed,” Sen. Juan Manuel Galan, of the opposition Liberal Party, told The Associated Press on Thursday. “It’s time to look at different options, together with other drug-production nations, as a way to break the back of the drug traffickers.” […]
“Two decades into the drug war we continue having illegal mafias that spread violence across the country, we continue having guerrillas, we continue having paramilitaries,” said Galan, who has yet to receive his party’s backing for the proposed debate. “And despite it all there’s no real solution in sight to the problem.”

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