Getting your priorities straight

With the tragic and unnecessary death of Kathryn Johnston in Atlanta and the serious questions regarding criminal misconduct by the police, bad policies, insufficient judicial oversight, and damage to relations in the African American community, naturally, it would make sense to see the political leaders stepping up and asking for investigations and changes.
Well, Senator Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta) is going to do something:

Despite a failed attempt this year to ban candy made to taste like marijuana, the Georgia state Senate’s chief proponent of the law said he will “definitely” bring the issue back up in January.
“Will do. No doubt about it,” said Sen. Vincent Fort, D Atlanta.

Perhaps Senator Fort’s constituents should suggest to him that he remove his head from his ass.

Note: To be fair, Senator Fort was involved in organizing a community meeting about the Kathryn Johnston tragedy (although I’ve not found any public statements by him about the shooting), but still — for marijuana flavored candy to be his legislative focus is just… idiotic.

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