Applauding a prosecuting attorney

It doesn’t happen that often here, unfortunately, but I’m actually noting that a prosecuting attorney is doing the right thing.

A cancellation of a proposed demonstation and locker search using drug dogs at Luther L. Wright High School has school officials fuming.
Citing a “no-tolerance” drug policy, Ironwood Schools administrators and board members want the district’s schools drug free. At Monday night’s school board meeting, members expressed anger when they heard the Dec. 1 demonstration had been canceled without any “apparent explanation” by Gogebic County Prosecuting Attorney Richard Adams.

These school officials wanted blanket suspicionless dog searches of all lockers in the schools.

“I told them: ‘No, you don’t do a blanket search. It does not set a good message to the students,'” Adams said. “The courts are already on line questioning the use of dogs in the schools at all.”
“Blanket searches are not allowed.” […]
Adams said Michigan State Police officials also told him they would not allow their dogs to be used in the demonstration. […]
Adams did specify he would approve the use of dogs if ( Kolesar ) “has reasonable suspicion and targets the lockers that the suspicion leads directly to.”

But that doesn’t satisfy the rabid ravings of a psychotic school administrator.

“Those dogs could help us, if there are any drugs in our building,” Kolesar said. “It’s a matter of zero-tolerance. We don’t ever want students to even think about drugs being in the school.” [emphasis added]

Would it be easier to find the drugs in your schools if you let dogs search everywhere? Yes. Would it be easier to prevent drugs in your schools if you made all the students strip and walk around naked after having full cavity searches? Yes. Could we catch more drug users if police could search every car and every person and every home without a warrant? Yes. But we don’t live in that country.

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