Hopes for the Dem Congress

Grits for Breakfast wonders whether the new Congress will consider John Conyers’ “No More Tulias” legislation.

That bill would require corroboration for undercover testimony in drug stings using federal grant money, similar to Texas’ legislation that required corroboration for informants, signed by Gov. Perry in 2001 after receiving bipartisan support in both chambers.

Even though the Kathryn Johnston case doesn’t directly apply, the interest generated from it could help encourage such a bill.
I also have hopes for Truth in Trials Act (allowing federal defendants to mention medical marijuana in court), and the Hinchey Amendment (cutting off funds for federal intervention in States that have passed medical marijuana laws). There has also been some talk recently of Democratic Congress considering a shift in the Colombian funding away from eradication and military efforts and toward economic development (but I’m not holding my breath).

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