Washington Times OpEd: Legalize Drugs

Column in Monday’s paper by Terry Michael

Many officials admit behind closed doors that our drug policy needs radical revision. Few will say so publicly. This “third rail” of politics is exacerbated by the collusion of mainstream media, suspending usual rules of journalistic practice, publishing government propaganda without quoting critics of drug-war policy.
Our policies result in tremendous harm creation, about which much has been written, but I’ll summarize here:
Denial of liberty. Our drug war constitutes an assault on individual liberty, privacy and choice, from both the left and right. […]
Waste of treasury. […]
Government-created violent black market. Alcohol did not create Al Capone. Prohibition created Al Capone, with the mayhem, official corruption and murder that accompanied the 18th Amendment. And cocaine does not create drug cartels. America’s War on Drugs creates drug cartels.
Government violence against its own people. […]
Promoting disrespect for the rule of law. […]
Health harm creation. […]

Read the whole thing.
Nice job, Terry!

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