A Drug WarRant Challenge: Opening Eyes to the Damage Caused by the Drug War – The DEA Targets America

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By now, most of you know about the extraordinarily offensive DEA exhibit that uses pieces of wreckage from the World Trade Center with children’s toys mixed in as a means of promoting the DEA!
(If not, more detail is available here)
As Newsday reported on the exhibit when it was in New York:

Like many anti-drug campaigns before it, this one rests on shaky evidence and throws a fast emotional punch. [..]
To hammer it home, there’s a prominent display of World Trade Center debris accompanied by an audio sound track reliving Sept. 11 and tying it straight to the drug trade.

“Target America: Opening Eyes to the Damage Drugs Cause” will be opening at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago on August 11 and running until December 3.

We need your help to counter this propaganda!

At Drug WarRant, we have crafted a response and plan to make a powerful statement:

The DEA Targets America

We’re working on getting a full color hand-out flyer printed to pass out to people at the Museum of Science and Industry that counters the DEA’s propaganda and encourages them to find out more of the real facts.
You can view the flyer here. That site will also provide detailed sources for the information on the flyer and eventually include point-by-point rebuttals of the exhibit.

What you can do

1. Volunteer to help pass out flyers at the museum. If you’re in the Chicago area, or plan to be there during the run of the exhibit, we need your help. No experience needed — simply sign up to legally and non-confrontationally stand outside the museum and welcome people while giving them one of our flyers. Sign up here or email .
2. If you’re not in the area, or don’t have the time to volunteer, help us print the flyers. Keep in mind that I rarely have asked for money from readers. In the three years that this blog has been operating, I’ve made a major ask… never.
It’s really easy. Contribute here through a simple and easy charge to your credit card.

Amazon Honor System

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If you’d rather make a contribution while buying fun stuff, go to the Drug WarRant store.
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The best contribution is through buying the 11×17 poster of the new graphic for $14.99. $10 of that purchase price will go toward the flyer printing fund. I encourage you to buy other things as well to tell the world you don’t support the drug war, but the others are priced much closer to cost.
If you don’t like sending money online, you can send a check:
Pete Guither
909 W Market St
Bloomington, IL 61701
Thanks for helping us counter DEA propaganda.

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