Drug WarRant turns three today

Yes, this is that time when blog readers have to put up with the inevitable annoying recap of a blogging “career.” In a normal job, this wouldn’t happen until someone retired with a gold watch for decades of service, but anniversaries in blogging for some reason seem to be kind of like dog years (which I guess would make this blog 21).
I’ll try to be brief.
When I started, I really was looking for a way to ocassionally get things off my chest that wouldn’t work in a Letter to the Editor. I figured I’d probably post about once a week… (This is post # 1,698 in 1,095 days. You do the math.) I hoped some people might find and read my posts, and a few did (I’m currently approaching my first million mark in page views.)
My first full post was coverage of the Hinchey Amendment (which means I’ve now actually covered that failure in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. Sigh.)
Probably my most effective items have been Why is Marijuana Illegal? and Drug War Victims, because they’ve been spread all over the internet inspiring and angering people, followed by this page, which became one of the prime web resources for the Raich v. Ashcroft Supreme Court case.
I’m particularly proud of taking down Andrea Barthwell and her Illinois Marijuana Lectures, and my reports on DEA’s Karen Tandy and Michele Leonhardt. Had some good responses from my 2004 Voting Guide, and I enjoyed covering Irv Rosenfeld at the Illinois Medical Marijuana hearing. And yes, I had some fun along the way. Probably my most humorous entry was the parody Increase in Burger Abuse Seen, which still cracks me up.
With a little help from my friends, we managed to challenge the DEA’s attempt to frame the Vigil for Lost Promise as a pro-prohibition event, and we’ll do the same with their museum exhibit. And this year, we started the building of a vibrant Drug WarRant community, with Drug WarRant.net, complete with an active messageboard, and a wiki to build a new Voting Guide and source for drug policy reform studies.
A big thanks to commenters sukoi, kaptinemo, daksya, sixtyfps, thehim, DdC, kwix, baylen, Brian, Hope, j, runruff, ezrydn, jackl, John, Jon, Raging Bee, yan, William, Adam, me, serial catowner, Trent, Tom, Tim, Terry, Steve, roy, Scott, SayUncle, Rick, muleskinner, rachelrachel, nhop, befuddled, nephalim, M., Klay, Jim, Ben, Jeff, Bill, Casey, Cliff, Ethan, Eric and all the others who have been kind enough to correct me when I was wrong and provide feedback so I know I’m talking to someone.
I also thank all the lurkers — all the wonderful people who may not feel comfortable (or may not enjoy) commenting, but stop by, read, and tell their friends. I know you’re out there, and I keep doing this for you as well.
And, of course, thanks to Libby for being there when I was getting started so I didn’t feel so lonely, and to Jeralyn, who provided me with my first major readership boost.
And to John Walters, and Andrea Barthwell, and Karen Tandy, and Mark Souder, and all the other prohibitionists — as long as you continue to lie, and to declare war on the American people, my friends and I will be there to fight back and tell the truth.

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