Some must-read drug policy reform posts

I want to point out two absolutely amazing posts by friends of Drug WarRant. These are situations where they are taking on ignorance or emotional blockage of facts. In both cases, they faced an impossible challenge of cracking open a welded shut mind, but the quality of their debate is worth reading, and learning from, for its own sake.
“bullet” First, check out thehim (him of the wonderful drug war roundups at Kos) at Blog Reload, as he debates one of the Vigil for Lost Promise mothers in a series of emails.
What patience! What clear rational thought (his)!
“bullet” Now we go over to Political Crossfire Forums, where someone at the forum was trying the old prohibitionist trick of faking the numbers to attempt to link drugs and violence. Brian Bennett came through with an outstandingly researched point by point rebuttal.
Check them out.

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