Back from New York

I had an exhilarating and exhausting time in New York, seeing 7 shows and giving walking tours, while hosting a tour group of 74 people. I’m back now and trying to recover.
Obviously, it was a bit difficult to keep up with posting during that time, but a big thanks is due to the regular commenters who did a marvelous job of watching out for Drug WarRant in my absence.
In particular, check out the comments from my last post, with Sandra LaCagnina’s complaint about my involvement in Vigil for Lost Promise. While I wasn’t available to immediately respond, everyone else has done a wonderful job.
And Sandra, I don’t delete comments simply because they disagree with my views. As you can see, I don’t even delete them when they accuse me of things I don’t do. You are welcome here, and I encourage you to join in the dialog.

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