Would you turn this girl in?

I can’t believe this!
A picture named smoking_o.jpg

University of Colorado police have posted pictures of 150 people on a website smoking pot on the “420” day celebration last week and are offering a $50 reward for anyone who can identify them.

What are they going to do? Prosecute? Based on a picture of smoking… something?
The sick part… They got 50 calls in the first hour.

[Thanks, Mike]

Update: Oh, I get it now. Read this page. They purposely officially closed the field on 4/20 and posted signs so that they could go after anyone for trespassing, and they’re just going after the ones that they have pictures of lighting up what appears to be pot to punish them.
This is petty vindictiveness on the part of the administration and the campus police. The students should protest. At the very least, this kind of provocative action may serve to actually help the cause of marijuana legalization in Colorado.

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