FDA learns from DEA agent; shoots self in foot

Boy, I wonder if anyone at the FDA foresaw this. The FDA statement against medical marijuana has been received around the nation (and even the world), as if NASA had proclaimed that the earth is flat.
It was such an obvious political lie (especially when the FDA is facing criticism for political decisions in a number of other areas), that nobody with a shred of credibility has accepted it. Editorials all over the country have slammed the FDA.
Here are just a few examples.
Here’s a classic. It begins:

The credibility of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is dead.

and ends:

The reliability of the government to give a straight answer drawn from its huge resources is an embarrassment.

It’s time to pile on. Let’s drive the nails in the coffin. Put another shovel of dirt on them.
Go to MAPinc. Check out the huge list of newspapers that published an article about this. Pick one close to you and write a letter to the editor that responds to the FDA statement. It’s a perfect opportunity.
Go ahead. Do it now. I’ll wait….

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