Walter Cronkite sullied by an earthworm

I posted an excellent letter from Walter Cronkite that meant a lot to me, and several of you expressed similar feelings. After all, who could object to the common sense expressions of one of the top journalists of our time?
Wait for it…
Yesterday, on Bill O’Reilly’s show:

O’REILLY: Time now for “The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day.”
You know, I admire Walter Cronkite. The man’s nearly 90 years old, still kicking. But there is no question that the former newscaster is a far left guy. Since his retirement from CBS News, he has embraced all kinds of progressive causes.
Here’s the latest. Mr. Cronkite now trying to raise money for the Drug Policy Alliance, a drug legalization outfit that’s partially funded by our pal, George Soros. Cronkite actually signed a fundraising that said in part, “We have locked up literally millions of people of color who have caused little or no harm to others.”
The people Cronkite is talking about are street drug dealers who sell heroin, crack, and meth, among other dangerous drugs. Apparently Walter Cronkite doesn’t feel this is harmful. That view, with all due respect, is insane.
Memo to Walter. Hard drug dealers hurt and sometimes kill people, sir. It is ridiculous you do not understand that.
Mr. Cronkite is welcome to debate me on the issue any time.

O’Reilly wouldn’t last five minutes in a real drug war debate (one where he wasn’t able to turn off his opponent’s mic).
Then again, O’Reilly has one advantage. He makes up his “facts.” From claiming that terrorists in Afghanistan are a source of Ecstasy to claiming that the reason that Holland has lower rates of marijuana use than the U.S. is due to Holland’s lower population. (Link). And, of course, the attack on Christmas was done as part of a well-funded fringe effort to legalize drugs.

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