US and Bolivia’s Morales reach an agreement

This is a bit of a surprise:

Morales and his vice president, Alvaro Garcia Linera, held a long meeting over the weekend in Government House with U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia David Greenlee to discuss the anti-drug policy to be implemented by Bolivia’s new government.
President Morales whose political background is closely linked to the union representing coca farmers in Bolivia’s central jungle region, said peasants would have to eradicate excess coca crops “either voluntarily or with the help of anti-drug forces”[…]
President Morales now said the surplus coca crops would be defined as those that exceeded an area 40 meters by 40 meters.[…]
Ambassador Greenlee told reporters that the Bolivian government was committed to “continue with an effective policy” of destroying coca crops, and how the goal would be met would be decided in the next few days.
Last week, Morales said he would not expel U.S. drug-enforcement agents, as demanded by coca farmers who helped propel him to power, but he warned foreign officials operating in Bolivia to respect the nation’s sovereignty and dignity.

What I’d really love to know is what else is in that deal.

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