A time bomb on our border


From Mexican voters, in a poll for The Dallas Morning News, Al Dia and El Universal:

  • 93 percent say drug trafficking is a serious problem in Mexico, spreading from border cities to other parts of the country.
  • 81 percent say the United States contributes to the drug-trafficking problems.
  • 64 percent say Mexican federal police have done little or nothing to help.

With a Presidential election coming in July…

“All the candidates are going to seize on” narco-trafficking, Lund said. But, he predicted, they all will propose the same solution: “an expanded role for the military” because, he said, it is the one government institution that is not considered deeply corrupt.

Increased use of the military to fight the drug war within the borders of Mexico will just turn Mexico into another Colombia. And still, nothing will have been done to reduce the profitability of the black market.

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