Marijuana and Suicide

Drug warriors have often tried to dishonestly link marijuana and suicide, yet marijuana users have failed to cooperate.
However, Bruce reminds me today that there is a link between marijuana and suicide. And that link is the drug war.

AUSTIN – A civil rights lawsuit announced Wednesday blames the private corrections system for the 2004 suicide of a South Texas woman found hanging in her cell after reporting that a male inmate raped her. […] Tapia, who spent nearly six months in the jail before her death, was awaiting transfer to a federal facility after pleading guilty to a marijuana possession charge…

Can anyone explain to me the value of that arrest, conviction, and imprisonment for possession of marijuana? What f***ing message did we send to the children with that one? Huh?
What about Steve Williams? (more)

Facing federal prosecution for growing 25 marijuana plants in his yard, forbidden from mounting a medical-necessity defense, and unable to use the one medicine that eased his suffering for fear of being jailed, McWilliams committed suicide on July 12.

Or how about this story from Drug War Victims?

Rather than being compelled to testify against her 70-year-old boyfriend (Byron Stamate) for cultivating the medicinal cannabis she depended upon to help control her crippling back pain, Shirley Dorsey committed suicide. She saw it as the only way to prevent the forfeiture of their home and property. Despite her suicide, Stamate was sentenced to 9 months prison, and his home, cottage, and $177,000 life savings were seized.

Yeah. It’s all about message we send to the children.

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