I get mail

Every now and then, I like to share a letter with you…

Hello my name is Celina,iam tall and sexy looking young girl, after
reading your profile, i will like to have a relationship with you, can you write me, we can start from there, also i will send you my picture, i will be waiting because i have something VERY IMPORTANT…

Whoops. Wrong letter.
Ah, here we go…

Hmmm. You wrote an entire blog in hopes of legalizing marijuana? Only a naive fool would waste countless hours putting up a bunch of nonsense on the internet.
Why would the general public even be interested in legalizing something so harmful? Alcohol itself is a major problem in the United States. Why do we need more problems related to marijuana? Are you blind? With over 400 chemicals in the drug, it will obviously cause more harm than it does good.
Yes, I’ve read your articles on yellow journalism and everything, but you pinpoint to idiots. Of course in the government there will be idiots in there. Why don’t you make a more reasonable and legitimate arguement against the group of more intelligent members in the government? You hate the government so much that you never really talk about the positive things they have done. You mock the government through history too. About yellow journalism, racism, and the freedom that was taken away by the government.
You keep talking about freedom and everything, but take a moment and look at yourself in a mirror. You’re so into legalizing marijuana that you put up a bunch of bullcrap to prove that there are idiots in the government. Instead of blaming the government, I suggest you blame the majority of society as they clearly know the harms and little significances that marijuana has, unlike you who is pretty much ignorant and full of hatred and lack a bit of intelligence.

The writer is a 17-year-old boy, which makes me wonder why he would have such strong feelings about this at his age.
Actually — considering how high a profile I have for a single-issue blog — the thing that surprises me most is how few of these letters I get. I get tons of “thank you” letters, all of which are greatly appreciated. But in almost three years, I can count on one hand the number of letters like this I’ve received.
Update: He’s written back with an apology for the tone of the first letter, and some good serious questions. We’ve got a dialogue started and we’ll see where it goes.

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