Funny or Scary, you pick

Every now and then, my hunting through the web produces a find that’s just startling in its loquacious ignorance.
It’s unlikely that a dialog with such a deluded mind would prove in any way useful, so just enjoy the absurdity (and the bizarre sentence structure).

Soros’ influence over at with Soros’ anti-War on Drug status is a major concern. Soros is tied to “alternative anti-drug” groups that are not honest on the affects on illegal drugs onto the American public. These drugs include mostly maijuana, but can include cocaine to what these “alternative” groups advocate. Soros’ Open Society Institute funds these “alternative” groups and encourages for the “drug alternative” to the current anti-drug groups like DARE.[…]
There is a clear case that Soros is attempting to influence Libertarian groups into going against the drug war America is waging. [emphasis added]

Oh yeah, those libertarians were huge supporters of the drug war before Soros came along!
He has more here

George Soros and his Open Society Institute is the main culprit in funding these “friendly drug alternative” groups. These groups of course want to legalize potentially harmful drugs to the American public. They are spreading disinformation on America’s War on Drugs. They want an end to it, because they know that America doesn’t really seem to get that it’s a real war. Meaning real rogue nations with ties to nations like Russia and China that are being endorsed to spread drugs to drug America.

Over the years, the drug reform community has often had to deal with an image that was perceived by the press and politicians as a joke — the long-haired hippie stoner as spokesperson for reform. Well, the tables have turned. Sure, we still have the hippies, but we have academics, lawyers, cops, religious leaders, and the best thinkers within liberal, conservative and libertarian camps. And our opposition? Corrupt officials, psychotic paranoiacs and sado-moralists.

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