Colorado Marijuana Initiative

I had heard that SAFER was putting forward a marijuana legalization measure on the state ballot for Colorado, and I had even read this ignorant and blantantly contradictory editorial in the Denver Post…
But then Scott sent me the link to this fabulous article by Alan Gathright, Rocky Mountain News. The kicker is provided by Law Enforcement Against Prohibition‘s Jack Cole, who gives all the reasons why prohibition (particularly aimed at marijuana is a bad idea and then..

When it comes to the SAFER initiative, Cole said, “we support them 100 percent.”

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers takes a sharply different view.

He said law enforcement doesn’t spend a great deal of resources prosecuting small pot-possession cases, and strongly opposes legalizing even small amounts of pot, calling it “a dangerous drug.”

Cole’s fellow LEAP members have given more than 1,400 talks against drug prohibition in the past two years.

“I would love to debate your attorney general,” he said.

“Let’s talk about what drugs are dangerous and what drugs aren’t: Cigarettes kill 430,000 a year in the United States.

“Alcohol kills 110,000 every year . . . But there has never been a recorded case of a death from ingesting marijuana.”

Paging Attorney General John Suthers…. Hello? Got a reply? Want to debate?

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