Fundraising for Drug War Dollars

Colombian President Uribe isn’t satisfied with the drug war money he’s gotten from the U.S. — now he’s putting out a fundraising pitch to the rest of the world:

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has told the BBC the world must play a bigger role in helping his country combat illegal drugs and rebel groups.

“There are many countries helping us and there are many countries that do not help us yet,” the president said.

And how would the funds be used?

“I want to underline our determination to go to the jungle again … to destroy the illicit plantations that FARC has put within this national park,” he said.

Uribe told the BBC Colombians have a right to live in a country free of guerrillas, paramilitary groups, narcotics and corruption.

Yes, give us more money so we can be free of corruption.
Is Uribe stupid, or does he just think the rest of the world is?

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