Back to the Drug War

I had a great week off with relatives, including a very good evening of talking about the drug war with my folks. It’s nice to know that they’re proud of the work I’m doing here, and outraged by the excesses of the drug war. Don’t assume that your parents and friends won’t support your views on drug policy — they’re a great group to talk to and can help you get comfortable with the notion of talking about reform.
Now I’m back, but my broadband is out of order, so I’m blogging from Starbucks (An extra big thanks to the friends that gave me Starbucks gift cards for Christmas!)
A couple of quick notes:
“bullet” Teresa Aviles dropped by while I was gone. I wrote about her and Isidro here. She’s got a book out now: “So Many Tears” (available here)
I’ve been reading a couple of other books over break, and I hope to talk with you about those soon.
“bullet” Mexico and Colombia. The more I read about these countries, the more I see outright criminal destruction funded and promulgated by the U.S. Is there any other way to look at it? See Cartel wooing Mexico’s military: Analysts finding signs of corruption and Paramilitaries and Palm Plantations: A Murderous Combination in Colombia.

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