Don’t trot out that tired ‘For the Children’ argument anymore


WASHINGTON, Sept. 6 (UPI) — Teens in the handful of states allowing medical marijuana are no more likely to use the drug than those in other states, according to a study released Tuesday.

We already knew this, but it’s nice to have another study confirming it.
Of course, that doesn’t stop the ONDCP from spouting gibberish.

“Misleading messages that harmful substances are somehow ‘good for them’ send teens exactly the wrong message,” [ONDCP’s Tom] Riley said. His statement did not directly address the study’s state-by-state findings.

Uh, Tom… Are you paying any attention to the words coming out of your mouth in the context of this story?
Let’s see… So the study says that the “message” of medical marijuana doesn’t cause teens to use marijuana, yet you still say it is somehow a “wrong” message for them. What does it do? Make them think bad thoughts? Oh, I get it! It’s a wrong message because it makes teens realize that the government’s been lying to them, and they might grow up to become politically active, and cause people like Tom Riley to become unemployed. Ah, yes. A dangerous message indeed.

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