Just when I thought they couldn’t get any more stupid…

… a prohibitionist like Joyce Nalepka opens her mouth.
This is one of the most bizarre OpEds I’ve read recently: Joyce Nalepka: Don’t swallow drug legalizers’ lies in the Providence Journal.
The article is clearly aimed at the medical marijuana bill that was overwhelmingly passed by the legislature in Rhode Island (and vetoed by the Governor — we’re still waiting on the House veto override vote). But since she can’t really come up with strong enough arguments to counter medical marijuana, she apparently decides to throw in these completely unrelated stories:

In Pennsylvania, a group of parents, neighbors, and friends gathered around a girl’s gravesite one recent Sunday to sing “Happy Birthday.” A sweet, caring high-school junior, she had died two years before of a heroin overdose.

In Florida, little Jessica Lunsford also died because of drugs — not her own drug use, but the crack use of an addict, who stole her from her bed in her grandmother’s humble home and killed her.

And this has what to do with medical marijuana in Rhode Island? (Additionally, I think you’d find that these instances were likely caused, or made worse, by prohibition.)
In other atrocities, she compares medical marijuana to thalidomide(!) and claims legislators have been paid-off to support medical marijuana.
Here’s my favorite section:

The campaign to get marijuana reclassified as “medicine” began in 1979. At the time, it was led by a group of admitted pot-smoking zealots with little money. They were mostly supported by the sale of drug paraphernalia, until parents united and closed the shops nationwide.

Today, these zealots are older admitted drug users, with access to millions of dollars, provided by currency trader George Soros and Peter Lewis, founder of Progressive Insurance. At least 15 Rhode Island legislators received money from Peter Lewis, and one received $1,000 from a group called the Marijuana Policy Project. Nationwide, the two billionaires have contributed an estimated $40 million to challenging drug laws.

Foes of this scam, for the most part, are using their grocery money to try to stop them before it’s too late.

It’s all laughable, but I guess in part she’s right. Prohibitionists ARE using their grocery money to fight drug reformers like me. And they’re using my grocery money and your grocery money and the grocery money of just about everyone in this country. It’s called taxes. And the ONDCP controls a whole lot of our grocery money to spread lies and propaganda like Joyce’s. Much more money than any of the reform organizations.
Look, Joyce is a nutcase. Fortunately her OpEd is strange enough that most discerning readers will see that her grasp on reality is shaky at best. Rhode Islanders won’t be taken in by Nalepka.

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