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July 2005



Nice tunnel

Link Where’s Colonel Hogan when you need him?

Walters is SO full of it!

Over on the Drug Czar’s “blog” is this dramatic statement:

On Tuesday, July 19th, attempts to legalize medical marijuana failed for the second time in Iowa City, IA. The City Council ruled against the legalization of marijuana for medical use initiative to be put on the November 8th ballot. Iowa City is the latest of […]

2005 Truth Report is out

Speaking of NORML, they’ve come out with “The 2005 NORML Truth Report: Your Government Is Lying To You (Again) About Marijuana,” — a detailed analysis and refutation of the White House’s more prominent allegations regarding marijuana and marijuana policy. (HTML version or pdf version) It’s a good read, and a good report to give to […]

U.S. District Court rules federal agents may spit on state laws and court orders

Another reason to dissolve all multi-jurisdictional drug task forces. They are not accountable to local or state authority. You may recall me talking some time back about the case of Don Nord, in Denver. Arrested, yet turned out to have valid medical marijuana certification, and merely wanted his marijuana paraphernalia returned. Here’s my recap from […]

Possible jury nullification attempt?

Interesting. Read the details of this case. An 18-year-old faces a controversial “school-zone” mandatory prison term for selling pot. (The Massachussetts “school-zones” cover just about everything.) The defense attorney apparently raised enough questions about entrapment and that the severity of the sentence was extreme, that the jury deadlocked and a mistrial was declared. Pay attention […]

Still time to fight to repeal the HEA financial aid provision

The debate in committee has spilled over to today, so you can still call if you’re in one of the districts listed below. The New York Times came out with a dynamite editorial on the subject:

One of the most irrational initiatives in the war on crime was a decision by Congress in the 1990’s […]