‘Tis the Season

With Thanksgiving over, the Christmas shopping season is in full swing (of course it started some time ago much to my annoyance, with Christmas displays going up in stores in September!).
I thought I’d give you my own suggestion for Christmas presents: buy hemp. It’s a really good idea for a number of reasons.
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Now it is true that hemp products can be a little more expensive than other products, but here’s a few reasons why it’s worth it:

  • Hemp products are quality products (the food products are more nutritious, clothing products are more durable, body products are more healthy, etc.)
  • Hemp products are good for the environment
  • When you give hemp products, you have the chance to educate others on the value of industrial hemp while giving them something they’ll really like.
  • Every time you buy hemp products you’re sticking it to the DEA, which has unsuccessfully attempted to block many of them.
  • You are contributing to the development of a potentially huge industry that could help to shape the country’s views on the cannabis plant.

To find a physical store near you that sells hemp products, you can try the Industrial Hemp Products Retail Stores Directory.
Of course, you can always just Google hemp products, or hemp foods, or hemp clothing and get tons of options. If you want to make sure they’re a responsible company, you can check to see if they’re one of the Hemp Industry Association member sites.
And here are a few online stores to check out: [Note: I am not personally recommending any of these sites unless I mention that I’ve gotten their products. I’m just providing these as options to explore. Also note: Any companies that wish to send me samples of their product in exchange for a review on this site are welcome to do so.]

  • Ruth’s Hemp Foods – I love their SoftHemp shelled hemp seeds, and their hemp bars are quite good. (This one I can specifically vouch for)
  • Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps sells hemp soaps and food items, and even has a nifty Gift Basket for only $49.95.
  • Beautiful hemp stationery and note sets from Bar Harbor Hemporium
  • Lots of fun hemp products at Botanical Earth, including bandannas, beanie hats, toiletries bags, back scrubs, guitar straps, dog collars, body scrubs, flying disks, shopping bags and more.
  • Hemp flour, Hemp Nutts, hemp coffee and more from Hemp Nutts
  • Johnny Hempseed has some cool hemp sandals. More great sandals at Barefoot Cobbler.
  • Hemp Candles at Way Out Wax
  • Hemp Particle Board, plus twine, rope and more at Hemp Traders
  • Great hats, bags, scarves and more at Hemp Sisters
  • Hemp Dip — a healthy alternative to tobacco – useful for those trying to quit (leaves you with fresh breath and does not promote tooth or gum decay).
  • Check out these beautiful patterned napkins in hemp/cotton from Tribal Fiber.
  • Get your Hemp Balm, the hip trip for lips, along with massage oils and liniments at The Merry Hempsters.
  • The skin care collection at The Hempest looks delightful.
  • Get some hemp yarn or fabric from Golden Hemp and make your own clothes.
  • There are some nice fashions at Sweet Grass Fibers and beautiful women’s clothes at Earth Speaks and Sativa Hemp Wear.
  • Clothing, wallets, backpacks, hats, body care products and lots more are at Spirit Stream Trading Co.

There’s also hammocks
diapers, bread, jeans, salad dressings, paper, hemp animals (hempies), pillowcases, and more.
Why not have your Christmas shopping make a statement? You’ll feel better about it.

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