Entire state of South Dakota (population 755,000) arrested for marijuana violations

Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes. I had a great time. Here’s some quick catching up.
“bullet” Sister Geoff finds one of those prohibition idiots who try to claim that Legal Pot = Legal Murder.
“bullet” Jules Siegal talks about the Doper Vote at Alternet.
“bullet” A new acronym is born. D’Alliance notes that the ONDCP and the DOJ have given birth to the NSDAP (unfortunately, their method of reproduction involes screwing us). The mewling newborn, which will be quickly sucking at the public teat, is designed to go after the designer drugs. For a bit of fun, try googling NSDAP. Oops.
“bullet” D’Alliance also has some good news from Alaska. Decrimwatch found some obvious self-interest on the other side.
“bullet” Decrimwatch also found some more details on the Jonathan Magbie tragedy.
“bullet” And everybody has this one already, but it just sucks so much, that I have to put it down here as well (from NORML’s analysis of the FBI report:

Police arrested an estimated 755,187 persons for marijuana violations in 2003…. The total is the highest ever recorded by the FBI, and comprised 45 percent of all drug arrests in the United States….at current rates, a marijuana smoker is arrested every 42 seconds in America.

You know what?

If you support prohibition, you are part of the drug problem.

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  1. You write awsome article, bookmarked

  2. Maria says:

    The NSDAP google made me laugh. We gotta find humor where we can.

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