The Soy of the Future

At Reason online, Hemp Industry on Fire — Exploding marketplace stoked by DEA lawsuit by Valerie Vande Panne

“Our thinking is that we’re in a can’t loose position,” David Bronner, president of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps and primary funder of the HIA’s legal efforts, tells Reason. “If the government does appeal, it’s highly unlikely the Supreme Court will hear the case. If they do take it, it’s that much more free publicity for hemp food. If they don’t take it, we can focus on marketing and promoting hemp seed and fiber products. Every scenario plays in our favor.”

The hemp marketplace is already reflecting the publicity garnered by the lawsuit. “In the last year sales have been explosive,” Bronner continues, pointing to $10 million in year-to-date sales for the hemp food industry, nearly double what they were in 2003. And what’s the market outlook for 2005? “Sales will double again. It’s smokin’. People are hot for it.”

As the Food and Drug Administration warns pregnant and nursing mothers about high levels of mercury in fish and fish oil, hemp seed oil products are expanding, easily replacing fish as one of few significant sources of essential fatty acids.

It’s a very fascinating article, not only covering the government’s deadline in filing their appeal, but in the growth of commercial applications for hemp.
Hemp seed tastes great and has incredible nutritional value. If you’re interested, check out Alpsnack, Ruth’s Hemp Foods, or just Google Hemp Foods.

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