Some remarkable reading coming…

“bullet” You may remember back in July that the Justice Department was trying to get libraries to destroy a series of documents related to asset forfeiture. Seems the Justice Department didn’t want people to know their legal rights. Well, that move backfired and the order has been rescinded.
Now FEAR (Forfeiture Endangers American Rights is working on putting those documents online! This could be very useful for those targeted by forfeiture proceedings and their attorneys.
“bullet” I can’t wait. The National Review is giving Drug Lord Czar John Walters the opportunity to respond to last month’s article by Ethan Nadelmann (full footnoted pdf version) and he accepted. And the National Review is giving Nadelmann rebuttal time as well. All will be posted here at Drug Policy Alliance. Closest thing we’ve had to Walters in a debate. This should be good. Or ugly. Or something.

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