Good posts to read…

“bullet” Nikkie at ViceSquad has a couple of posts to check out: Substitution Effect about the latest statistical nonsense from the Department of Health and Human Services, and Let’s Ban Driver’s Licenses about new “study” that shows that driver’s licenses lead to drugs.
“bullet” TalkLeft mentions a study that shows marijuana may be helpful for MS sufferers:

“In the short term-study there was some evidence of cannabinoids alleviating symptoms of multiple sclerosis; in the longer term there is a suggestion of a more useful beneficial effect, which was not clear at the initial stage,” he said.

Jerralyn also has the story of an Oklahoma drug addict who has been charged with first degree murder for giving birth to a stillborn infant. Doctors told police the baby had enough methamphetamine in his system to kill two adults, which begs the question… How much does it take to kill two adults and why didn’t it kill the mother?
“bullet” Baylen at D’Alliance shows that neither the Democratic or Republican platforms show even the glimmer of a clue regarding the drug war. He also give us a preview teaser of the Drug Czar’s appearance in National Review.

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