Four more voting guides

Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, and Kansas are now complete, bringing the total to 15 states. I’ve still got a ways to go to get them all done before the election, but I’m plugging away.
The interesting story this time is the Libertarians in Arizona and Kansas. Without the Libertarian Party in those states, I’d have been hard pressed to come up with very many endorsements (in Kansas in fact, for the first time so far in these state guides, one party swept the endorsements).
Here are some additional statements from Libertarians in those states:

John B. Crockett (Arizona 1st) “All drugs should be Freely available to all Adults without a prescription.”
Powell E. Gammill (Arizona 2nd) “People have a right to do whatever to themselves, those who forcefully oppose this are the criminals”
Mark J. Yannone (Arizona 3rd) “The federal government is not authorized to regulate drug use.”
Craig B. Stritar (Arizona 6th) “The War on Drugs is unconstitutional and therefore illegal.”
Jack W. Warner (Kansas 1st) “The purchase, sale, or possession of drugs is a personal freedom issue and there should be no laws of prohibition”
Joseph K. Bellis (Kansas 3rd) “Once again the federal government has no constitutional mandate to carry on a war on drugs. Regulation of drug use is the responsibility of the individual states.”

I also enjoyed this write-in candidate in Arkansas:

Vernon ‘Gene’ E Mason (Arkansas Senate Write-in) “There are more than 25,000 products to be manufactured from the hemp plant. The hemp industry could employ every single Arkansan.”

Here are all the state guides so far:

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