Texans must be rich to want to pay for all of this.

Via TalkLeft

Not surprisingly, Texas has enacted another dumb, probably unconstitutional law–delivery of a controlled substance to a minor–via the womb. It’s now a felony to smoke pot while pregnant –punishable by two to 20 years in prison. Alma Baker has become the first casualty of the law–receiving a five year deferred sentence for smoking pot in her backyard while pregnant with her twins. The presence of pot was discovered in their bloodstream when born.

There is no established medical evidence that prenatal exposure to marijuana harms infants. So a mother smokes pot and WE shell out the cash. First, you break up the family — so that’s foster care or welfare/food stamps, etc. Then you put the mother in prison — that’s about 25 grand a year. Add in the cost of the trial. Future costs to society as children are raised without a mother. This isn’t being tough on crime. This is being monumentally stupid.

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