Odds and Ends

“bullet” Check out this week’s Drug War Chronicle for disappointing updates on the Rockefeller Drug Laws and lots more. Also a good review of the week’s news in today’s Drug Sense Newsletter.
“bullet” Speaking of the Rockefeller Drug Laws, check out The Reluctant Activist in the Village Voice (Thanks, MzOuiser)

When it was Cheri’s turn, she stepped forward, clutching Ashley’s poster in front of her. “I just want to say that the Rockefeller drug laws need to be changed,” she said, her voice strong and confident. “When you send someone to prison, you send their entire family to prison, in a sense. This is a young man who has a lot of potential. He doesn’t deserve this.”

The reporters scribbled down her words. Cheri felt a little better, and a little more hopeful, than she had felt in months.

“bullet” For something completely different, check out The Drug Czar’s blog.

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