Hate Mail Can Be So Much Fun…

You’re slobby piece of liberal crap. You’re entire website is propaganda to the drug free America that so many Government Agents of sacrificed themselves to preserve. You’re extreme disrespect towards those fallen souls only shows that you’re in favor of getting high and I wouldn’t be suprised if you were a drug user yourself. You have NEVER worked in drug enforcement and my money would bet that you’ve NEVER seen the effects of drugs on inner city streets and the effect it has on kids. I hope you can grow a brain and realize how illogical you are and maybe you’ll have respect for this country someday and what employees of the Government do.

– T. Erman
Captain, US Marine Corps (1987-1994)
Police Officer (1994-2002)

Dear T. Erman,
Well, I guess I may be a slobby(?) piece of liberal crap, and yet, oddly, the only permanent quote on the front page of my site is from noted conservative William F. Buckley, Jr., and the politician I have most recently praised the most is Republican Rep. Ron Paul. I also speak approvingly of libertarian principles. If you think that drug policy reform is just a “liberal” issue, then you should read the FAQ item: I am a conservative republican. Why should I support drug policy reform?
I’m still trying to figure out your second sentence. The closest I can get it to read literally (and ignoring the, uh, esoteric use of “you’re” and “of”) is that you believe that America is currently drug free, government agents have died to keep it that way, and my website attempts to spread the notion of a drug free America. I think you actually mean something different, but I’m just not sure quite what.
You also seem to believe that I don’t have respect for police and other agents of the government, yet most of my venom has been reserved for the administration and legislators. My Drug War Victims page includes law enforcement officers who have died in this misguided war. In fact, I have great respect for both the police and the Marine Corps, to which you claim to belong. For one, I believe that the vast majority of them are intelligent and literate. I also believe that they require a High School diploma (something you may wish to pursue).
And I have a special respect for some remarkable law enforcement officers. Check out these great people at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), (and see my article about Howard Woolridge)
Thanks for your letter. I enjoy hearing from my readers. I’ll work on growing a brain, and I’ll try to be less slobby.

– Pete
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