Primaries are still going on…

You may think that voting for the nominations are over, but the polls will open tomorrow in Oregon, Kentucky, and Arkansas anyway. Next week Idaho, then Alabama, New Mexico and South Dakota on June 1st, and finally Montana and New Jersey on June 8.
Sure, you can do the math. So can everyone else. Nobody’s going to show up at the polls unless they’ve got a statement to make, so why not make one and have it show up big?
Remember, Drug WarRant has endorsed Dennis Kucinich for the Democratic nomination and Blake Ashby for the Republican nomination. These endorsements have not changed and will not change until the conventions. Send a message to the eventual candidates that drug policy reform is important.
Thinking ahead: I will be looking for good arguments for Drug WarRant’s final endorsement for President. So if the campaign staffs of John Kerry, George W. Bush, Ralph Nader, Aaron Russo, or any other candidates want to make their case to me, I welcome their thoughts on the drug war. (Or if you want to invite me to your convention, send me gifts…)

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