Child abuse arrests

The media has widely reported a recent crackdown on child pornography and abuse.

“Individuals in such situations are trolling the back alleys and dark corners of the Internet,” Ashcroft said. “They are leveraging its technology and anonymity to abuse and exploit the most innocent in our society.”

The 65 arrests include charges of offenses related to possession and distribution of child pornography and also with sexually abusing children.

However, one case of sexual abuse of a child was missed by the Justice Department:

Heather Gore, 15, said Thursday that [unnamed] ordered her to remove her skirt, then lifted her tank top, exposing her breasts. Gore said she was then told to spread her legs while [unnamed] checked her underwear.

That’s because this particular case of child abuse was carried out by the police, in an warrantless unconstitutional abuse of rights in the name of the war on drugs — a war pushed by the Justice Department — which has encouraged a climate of abuse. Even the abuse of children.
Am I accusing the Justice Department of child abuse? Yep.

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