Positive Development in Hemp Fiber

A picture named htcposter.jpgAn interesting release came out about 2 weeks ago from Hemptown Clothing:

Hemptown Clothing Inc., a leading provider of environmentally responsible clothing, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) on the development of a patentable enzyme technology process that may see hemp fibers replace cotton worldwide.

The collaboration between Hemptown and NRC is intended to produce hemp clothing fabric that would match cotton in price, while eliminating the tons of pesticides and enormous water consumption required by cotton. Furthermore, industrial hemp is 5 times as efficient as the same acreage of forestry in the conversion of atmospheric carbon dioxide into plant materials for industrial application, thus allowing the latter to remain as the reservoir of the greenhouse gases.

In addition to the textile sector, the availability of clean hemp fibers at reasonable cost will enable widespread application in industry to provide rigidity for plastics as vehicle interior trim with reduced weight and ease of recycling, and in buildings as a natural insulator, as compared to the traditional fiberglass.

An efficient enzyme system will give a competitive advantage to Hemptown or to any third party companies to whom it licenses the process. This ground-breaking fiber technology is expected to be delivered into the market within the next 3 years.

“Hemptown was identified as an ideal partner for NRC,” said Scott Ferguson, Business Development Officer for the NRC Institute for Biological Sciences. “Their understanding of the Hemp Fiber industry, coupled with their stability and strong corporate profile, made them an excellent candidate with which to help develop this new generation biotechnology. We are excited about the prospects for this collaboration, which could ultimately revolutionize the apparel industry as well as many other industrial applications.”

“If we are able to provide our environmentally friendly hemp fiber activewear, at a price that is equal or better than that of current cotton products, there is no reason for consumers to not make the smart choice.” commented Hemptown Clothing President, Jason Finnis. “We are enthused about the initial developments, and intend to use this technology to launch a proper hemp textile industry in Canada, as well as all other industrial hemp growing nations around the world. The potential market for the use and licensing of this hemp production technology worldwide may be in the billions of dollars.”

I wish the best of luck to the new collaboration and fervently hope that they succeed. If hemp can compete financially with cotton, then the whole ballgame will change. When the international (including American) garment industry starts puchasing Canadian hemp instead of U.S. cotton, all hell will break loose. And then, you’ll see one of these two outcomes:

  1. American farmers are allowed to grow industrial hemp, creating the beginnings of a booming American hemp industry; or
  2. We invade Canada.
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