Oooh look… the Drug Czar can do magic!

A picture named magic.jpgHere’s an amazing little item that slipped by me while I was out of town. I did not realize that the Drug Czar was so incredibly talented!
You may recall last September in Seattle that the Drug Czar was criticizing a vote to de-emphasize marijuana enforcement activities, and he said:

“The real issue is should we legalize marijuana,”
Walters said. “Let’s have a debate about that.”

Well, naturally, I, and most other drug reformers said “Any time, any place.” I even offered to pay my own way.
Well it looks like there can be no debate. The Czar waved his magic wand last week in Las Vegas and declared that legalizing marijuana “is not an area for legitimate debate.”
Wow! The magnitude of his powers!
Rather than actually debating, he was able to magically negate the existence of alternate viewpoints or awkward facts!
Note: While you’re at it, check out Steve Sebelius in the Las Vegas Mercury who seems to be almost as outraged about Walters as I am.

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