Canadian Senator takes on US and UN drug policies

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From the Senlis Council release on the 17th:

Canadian Senator, Pierre Claude Nolin, strongly criticised the US led drug war at a press conference in Vienna today, following an International Symposium on Global Drug Policy organised by The Senlis Council in parallel to the 47th Session of the Commission on Narcotic drugs (CND). Senator Nolin served as the Chair of the Canadian Special Committee of the Senate on Illicit Drugs.

“Drug war policies threaten the basis of democracy, economy and the rule of law in many countries or regions of the world,” Senator Nolin stated. “The world deserves drug policies that are global, effective and respectful of human rights,” he continued.

“Sooner of later, governments of the world will have to, in the names of transparency and honesty, acknowledge that the drug war is a massive failure,” declared the Senator. “The war on drug discourse is outdated and disrespectful. It is time to make world leaders accountable.”

 The Senator underlined the importance of society’s involvement in the creation of drug policies. “In a free and democratic society, the population should be part of the debate. Citizen involvement in the discussions about the future of drug policy is the magic ingredient.”

This Canadian senator is one to watch. I like him.
The Senlis Council, an international drug policy think tank has taken a strong position opposing UN drug policies and US influences in those policies in particular.

“The dominant role played by the United States in determining UNODC policies should be scrutinised,” said Emmanuel Reinert, Executive Director of The Senlis Council. “It is unacceptable that a UN agency should find itself hostage to the political agenda of one country”, he continued….

“The present UNODC global drug policy has become another failed US war, but this time under a UN flag”, Mr. Reinert continued, “For the US to denounce harm reduction policies is deeply irresponsible. It is urgent for these programmes to be fully recognised by the UN drug control bodies to prevent a world health disaster.”…

“We cannot simply sit back and let this situation continue. Current drug policy is failing dramatically,” he concluded, “It is time to face facts. This is a war without end. The US domination of the global drug policy is a dead end.”

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