Odds and Ends

“bullet” For an excellent overview of the recent 9th Circuit decision to slap down the DEA’s attempt to control hemp foods, see this release from Vote Hemp.
“bullet” Dallas News has a feature today on the special prosecutor who has been tapped to take on the fake-drugs scandal that involved police and drug dealers conspiring to frame innocent people with drug charges.
“bullet” Libby at LastOneSpeaks has been following the unfolding story of the North Carolina school drug sting that has swept up a bunch of kids here, here, and here.
“bullet” Then take a look at this report of expulsions in Pueblo, Colorado, and ask two questions:

  1. Does expelling that many kids really make marijuana less available? Because it sure doesn’t seem that way.
  2. What are all those kids you’ve expelled for smoking pot going to do now?
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