Around the web…

“bullet” Walter in Denver has discovered two drug war victims from 1989 that I’ll have to add to my Drug War Victims page.
“bullet” Libby at LastOneSpeaks has been on a tear with tons of interesting material.

  • She has the info on Rand Beers, John Kerry’s ‘national security advisor,’ who was one of the architects of the notorious Plan Columbia. That particular relationship makes me a little more uneasy about Kerry, along with his unwillingness to answer some surveys.
  • She has the story of the High School drug search in Narragansett, Rhode Island. The dogs didn’t find any drugs, but they claimed a locker “smelled” like marijuana (even though no drugs were there) so they suspended the locker’s owner. Outrageous. Is the lesson we give our young people that there is no such thing as due process?
  • Libby also had a delightful little dust-up with Mark Kleiman regarding medical marijuana. For the record, she’s right.
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