Clowns on C-Span

A picture named clowncspan.jpgFriday, on C-Span, our beloved Minister of Drug Policy Disinformation, a.k.a. the Drug Czar, was given the opportunity to repeat some of his favorite exaggerations, misleading data, and inoperative statements (a.k.a. lies). He also took phone calls.
It was an opportunity to see the Czar in action. He’s got the pitch down pretty smooth, although you could tell he’s not used to speaking in more than sound bites. After the first speech, he started repeating himself, rambling a bit, and interconnecting everything (although that’s an additional part of his bag of tricks).
There were about 4 phone calls divided between republicans and democrats. All of them opposed the current drug policy and John Walters. My favorite caller line:

“Mr. Walters, I think you’re a terrible hypocrite.”

I felt sorry for the callers. With all the crap that they’ve heard from the Drug Czar in so many areas, they finally had the opportunity to face him. The trouble: each caller seemed to try to address everything from medical marijuana to recreational legalization to drug war policies, to industrial hemp in one rambling question. This gave Walters the opportunity to answer any part he wanted and ignore the rest. Again, I understand — I’d probably do the same thing (I’m itching to debate him!)…

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