Milestones and Links

Maybe it’s because I’ve only been doing this blog for just over 2 months, but I still get a kick out of milestones and new links/visitors, because it means that more people are reading about the failed Drug War. So bear with me while I brag a little and thank some of my new visitors.
Dave Pollard at How to Save the World has the new stats for last month’s Salon Blogs (an interesting read), which puts Drug WarRant in the top 50 for the first time (debuting on the list at #13). Dave is a great supporter of the Salon blogging community. Drug WarRant also hit the top 100 all time Salon Blogs page views this week.
Recent new guests of Drug WarRant include a number from …för att jag är Fri!, where they are also concerned about “Folk som dött pga kriget mot droger,” plus visitors from a delightfully bizarre range of sites including: Advice Goddess, Strike the Root, The Daily Irrelevant, The Shrubbloggers, ArtMachine, Waterloo Wide Web, Anorakish, freakyjesus, The Memory Hole, Dave’s World, TadSpot, Sparkwood & 21, NeuroAtomik, VJ & Cindy’s Forums, Angry Harry, and 100 Monkeys Typing. Welcome all (I’m sure there’s some I’ve missed).

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