*That’s a lot of cocaine……

That’s a lot of cocaine… or is it?
Bolivian police, acting on tips from the DEA and Spanish police, seized 5 tons of cocaine destined for Spain, the largest seizure in Bolivia’s history. They found 2 tons on Friday, and another 3 tons in a mashed potato shipment on Saturday.
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Now this is enough cocaine for over 4 million doses. Expect to hear quite a bit from the drug warriors on this topic in the next few weeks, and how they’re “winning” the war on drugs. After all, 5 tons has got to put a huge dent in the supply, right? You’d think so, unless you looked at the DEA’s own numbers and realized that they’ve seized around 1,000 tons of cocaine since 1986, without affecting the availability or street price in any significant way.

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